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monthly favorites - june & july

monthly favoritesKristin JacobsComment

it's been TOO long since i've shared any beauty related posts, let alone my friday five favorites. if we're being honest, i haven't been wearing much makeup lately. aside from date nights, my face has been rocking that no makeup look for a few months now. it's actually been a really nice break not wearing makeup, but that's also eliminated a bit of my beauty posts. i decided to compile a few products that i have been rotating in my everyday beauty routine, when there actually is one, and share them as my monthly favorites for both june and july! 

clinique - take the day off facial balm:
this face cleanser is definitely an oldie, but a goodie for me. i think that from the very first time i used it, i haven't used any other cleansers since. it breaks down all the stubborn makeup, even waterproof mascara, and moisturizes my face in the mean time. it is unique in the sense that it is a balm and you apply it to a dry face, but it simply does the best job at cleansing my face and really removing all the dirt and makeup. 

l'oreal paris - infallible pro glow foundation:
another oldie, but a goodie. this foundation has been my go to all summer long. it gives an excellent coverage and leaves the skin feeling soft and looking dewy. it is simply the best drug store foundation in my opinion and it really stands out over some of my high end foundations. if you like more of a matte look, this foundation might not be something you'd like, but for my readers who love that dewy look, this is one foundation you need to try.

l'oreal paris - voluminous lash paradise:
i've heard a lot of talk about this mascara and how it was copying the too faced better than sex mascara. i am not a fan of the too faced mascara, in fact, it's probably one of my least favorite mascaras on the market. i know that it's a bold statement, but it did nothing for me. still being the curious makeup lover that i am, i decided to give the lash paradise a try and oh. em. gee. you guys, this mascara is incredible! it really lifts and lengthens the lashes and does not smudge out under the eye, which is something i tend to have a problem with. my lashes always look long and voluminous and i think i have officially replaced my ride or die covergirl supersizer with the lash paradise. another bold statement, but i'm not kidding when i say this mascara is fantastic! 

becca cosmetics - backlight primer:
another oldie, but a goodie, there seems to be a theme going on here. becca primers are probably one of my favorites. they smell incredible, feel amazing on the skin, and really help lock in my foundation. i particularly like the backlight primer because it really gives my face that glow that it can sometimes be lacking. i love to use this during the summer for optimal glowing skin, but also on days where i'm not feeling too cute. this primer really helps give that boost to my skin when i need it the most! 

amika - perk up the day dry shampoo:
who hates doing their hair? raises hand. who hates doing their hair in the summer because it's so dang hot and basically pointless because you're just going to sweat and get it all gross anyways? raises hand. basically the amika dry shampoo is a daily essential in my day to day life and i don't know what my hair would do without it. it's the best dry shampoo and i am willing to battle it out with anyone who disagrees. kidding. but seriously, the smell of this dry shampoo is heavenly and it really absorbs all that dang oil my hair produces. 


what products have you been loving this summer? comment below and let me know! also, as always, comment below and let me know if there are any products you'd like to recommend or maybe like to see me review.