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new hair, who dis?

new hair, who dis?

up until last year, i was a product of habit and wore the exact same hair color for almost ten years. i would often switch up between applying straight coppers, to reds, to red violets, but i always had my hair some shade of red and i was finally ready for a change. i am super particular about my hair and was always nervous to do anything different to it in fear of frying the crap out of it, or ruining my soft and healthy hair. after a few botched hair jobs within the past ten years, i was really nervous and apprehensive to get it done and quite frankly, i didn't trust anyone but myself to color it. i knew that the style and color i wanted couldn't be done by myself, so i ventured out to a professional and am i so glad that i did. 

through mutual friends, i've know pam for awhile now. i've been following her on social media for years and admiring her work not only online, but in person on the looks she's done on our mutual friends. she's nothing less than amazing and i knew that i could trust her and her expertise. like i said, i have had the same red/copper color for almost ten years so the goal for my hair was a big job, but i had no doubt in my mind that she couldn't do it! (you'll see for yourself)

my hair before had a lot of red pigment in it. in fact, this picture really isn't doing it any justice. the first picture was in the beginning of october of 2016. i think the last time i had colored my hair was in august and i used the shade 7C, which was a light copper blonde. 

the second picture was right after we colored it the first time. as you can see, there is still a lot of red, but our goal was to lift and lighten and if you ask me, i thought it looked amazing and was absolutely in love. the third picture was actually taken a couple months ago and that was after i saw pam again in february. we were able to lift out more of the red and we even got some pieces of my hair super blonde, especially around the face. 

the thing about hair coloring is that sometimes what idea you have in your head, or what hair color you'd like to have, may not be achievable on the first try. in fact, it may take a few processes to get you to your end goal. for me, we were lucky enough to get my desired color with just three processes, but it may sometimes take longer than that and patience and trust in your stylist is huge. i knew pam knew what she was doing so i let her take the lead and trusted the process the entire way. 

i saw pam again this past wednesday and we were both fairly confident that the look that i've had in mind since the beginning was something we were going to be able to achieve this time. like i said, i trusted pam and knew that regardless of what she was going to do, it was going to look amazing. we spent about four hours together that day and after a head full of foils, patience, and a much needed hair cut, we were done and i was SO excited to see the final product. 

can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL my hair is?! i mean, with each time we did it, i was amazed with how great it looked, but after she revealed my hair to me this time, i instantly lit up with excitement. it was everything i wanted and i owe it all to pam. for the first time in almost ten years i not only have a different hair color, but my hair is blonde and that is so crazy and wonderful to me. i am so excited that i allowed pam to work her magic on me and applied 100% of my trust in her along the way. 

pam is truly a hair wizard and there is no one else that i'd trust to do my hair. not only is she an amazing stylist, but she is extremely kind, and makes it a point to form a lasting friendship and bond with her clients. pam is also extremely generous and is offering any client who is referred from this post, 20% off their first visit with her! how amazing is that!? your hair is an investment and why not take this opportunity and try something new, maybe step outside your comfort zone, or even transform your hair to something you've always wanted, just like i did. i am going to link all of pam's information below and trust me when i say this, she is amazing and 100% worth making an appointment with to acheive the hair of your dreams! 

pam love | instagram - @pamlovehair | with love, hair studio

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