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let's vacation | san diego

Kristin JacobsComment

oh man, i've been back from san diego for almost three weeks and am just now getting around to typing up this post! life's been busy, but it's also been awesome so i can't complain. a few of weeks ago i was lucky enough to help celebrate my beautiful friend, jackie, for her bachelorette party in san diego! there was countless hours at the beach, a little too much booze, and a whole lot of fun. i am so happy that jackie allowed me to spend a few days celebrating her in San Diego and having such an amazing time! 

first of all, if you know me like at all, then you know that i LOVE succulents, or plants in general. no one told me that there are succulents all over san diego. i was in a constant state of excitement because they were everywhere! 

and also just for a moment, can we talk about how cute the houses were? these people are living my plant lady dream! snake plants, endless amount of succulents, and cacti? COUNT ME IN, GUYS!

we spent our days by the beach and our nights at dueling piano bars and bars that looked like a scene from alice and wonderland. we filled the in between with brunch, beers by the beach, bike rides, sandy toes, iced coffee, and at least for me, a lot of sunscreen. 

i'm a desert girl at heart, but i definitely fell in the love with the beach this past trip. the ocean is beautiful and beach side sunsets are unlike anything i've ever seen. 

i had the best time with some of my closest friends and i can't wait to go back! san diego is beautiful and i left a little bit of my heart there after that trip. also, everyday that goes by and i don't have a best drink ever from better buzzed coffee, it makes my heart so, so sad.