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whole30 | signed, sealed, delivered!

Kristin JacobsComment

i am officially done with whole30 and it's been one of the hardest and best months of my life. in short, whole30 was hard, but overall it was an amazing experience and i cant wait to do it again. well, maybe i can wait a little, but i definitely think a round of whole30 three or four times a year is in the cards, but i wont get to ahead of myself. 

i said i was going to post a before and after picture, but i don't know that i'm ready for that just yet, but i can definitely see progress. i've dropped a whole pant size and although i didn't weigh myself before or now, i can tell that i lost a lot. my face is showing the most changes and next to that, my stomach and upper body. i have a more defined jaw line and my shoulders are poppin'.

it's exciting and reassuring to see the progress. i never once felt over stuffed, i was eating regularly, but was left feeling full in between meals. i was eating a normal amount of food and never once felt deprived. i think that is huge especially because when it comes to "dieting" people just assume eating less is the right way to lose the weight. 

another thing that is amazing is how my overall mental health has improved. i'm someone who has struggled with anxiety since high school and although whole30 didn't cure it completely, it really did improve it. my head feels clearer, i'm hardly ever anxious, and i just feel like a weights been lifted off my chest, it's incredible. that in itself made this month so worth it for me! 

so what's next? that's a great question. my goal is to keep eating paleo and introduce a cheat meal here and there, but for the most part, keep up with the paleo lifestyle. i'm not a health expert and definitely not a whole30/paleo expert, but i do know that it works for me and i'm excited to keep up with it!

comment below if you're interested in doing a round of whole30 and have any questions for me!