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this is a bit of a different post for me and i'm not even sure how i got to this point, but i am excited for the change that is about to come. i've been doing a lot of research on minimalism and what it means to live life with less and to ultimately live with more. i've watched a few documentaries, read countless articles, and have decided that it's time for a change. to feel fulfilled without consuming products that we has humans think we need to feel happy.

i sit here and look at all the things around me. piles of clothes, books upon books, dvd's that i don't watch, too many pairs of shoes, and just a lot of stuff. i have a chunk of credit card debit and an abundance of things and all i can think about is how none of what i have, adds any sort of value to my life. i have loads of makeup, yet hardly ever wear it. a dresser full of clothes, yet i wear the same stuff everyday. i have all these things and nothing brings me joy like i had initially thought it would. so you see, we are programed or lead to believe that consuming more, or having lots of things is supposed make us happy. that working in a job that you make a lot of money in, to buy more, to have more, is the ultimate dream. we buy items to fulfill this void that a lot of us have in our lives. i am absolutely guilty of this and although some of you reading may disagree, there is a huge group of us who can relate. like i said, i have a chunk of credit card debit and quite honestly, nothing to show for it.

i watched the documentary, minimalism: a documentary about the important things and it really struck a match for me. it was about these two guys, joshua fields millburn & ryan nicodemus who went from climbing the corporate ladder, to living a minimalist lifestyle and have never been happier. they talk about their lives before and after and truly live this life of fulfillment and share their secrets to that life with the act of minimalism. 

i decided that if i'm living a life where i have all this stuff and it's not brining me any joy, then why not get rid of a lot of it and see where that feeling leads me. if the only thing that comes from this project, is that i get to declutter a chuck of my life, then awesome. hopefully i gain a little more than that and i am fairly confident i will. 

comment below and let me know your thoughts on minimalism or if you live a minimalist lifestyle! i'd love to get your idea on this project.