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whole 30 - week two | how it's going

Kristin JacobsComment

i am officially done with week two of whole30 and i can confidently say that week two was very difficult for me. considering a few contributing factors, i had a terrible week and it made it really hard to stay on track, but i did, and i woke up today feeling GREAT!

i am starting to see subtle changes in my body. i'm losing a lot of weight from my face, back, and shoulders. i'm sleeping better than ever, my face is clear, and more importantly, my anxiety is almost non existent. i always read about people talking about how doing whole30 or paleo improved more than just their weight, but i never sort of bought that part of it. it's actually amazing how great i feel and how less clouded my head feels these days. despite how hard last week was, i am really excited to be starting week three. although i am still craving pizza and beer, i am feeling good about what i'm eating and i'm not feeling deprived or that i'm missing out on anything, so that is amazing! 

this week i plan on doing a "what i eat in a week" post, so stay tuned next week for that!